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For Student - How to focus.

February 16, 2019

First of all what is the main problem for students 

According to my prospective students have 2 main problems in there life, in this article, i am going to explain the most important problem for students. 

The first problem is, we start walking on wrong track without knowing anything. 


What is wrong track for student.

It means cigarette, alcohol or any type of drugs even addiction also involved on this wrong way, Addiction about social media, YouTube, Mobile,T,V., all of these are wrong track, I am not saying mobile or TV's are bad but addiction about anything, like Electronic gadget, Experience, Drugs even Business or job, All type of addiction is harm for our future. If you use this all things in limit so its good. If people control the mobile so its fine, But now days addiction like mobile, tv, Internet, Money all this are controlling the people which is not well. Like lots of people can't leave a single minute without mobile or any others addiction..

This is why?
Because you are not controlling your addiction actually your addiction controlling you, This is wrong track. You are students, in this age you only have to focus on studying but you can't because your addiction controlling you to focus on me.

So, question is what is right track for student, how to focus on right track. 

So, my opinion say's there are 2 way.

Superficially which, I thought not good idea because you are doing, but not from heart, Only for time pass, because you don't have burning desire, goal, target.

And another way is, you need enormous reason for studying, suppose if you have to gossip with friends, If you want to do party with family, If you want to make joke for others then you don't need any motivation because you genuinely want to do this, you have a strong reason to do this all type of thing same as, you need a strong reason for studying not reason you need huge reason. This is why you can't leave with this all type of addiction because you don't have any reason to leave this all addiction. 

Now how student find the reason?

Suppose you have heart problem and you don't have money to do treatment, you need money for your check up and anybody body asked you that, i will gave you money but you will have to do deliver of this box to another city and box is filled with drugs but still you will definitely do this illegal work because you have a strong reason to do this, It means if he didn't have a any reason he definitely didn't do his work.But if anybody's say's that you have to do this illegal work and you don't have any reason then you will never do this because, don't have any reason. The whole game depends on purpose. So you need burning desire.

But reality is now days, Students don't like every subject, so while studying you can't focus on study  because you genuinely don't like the subject and then you will distract your mind by your self, no one will distract you, only you will distract your mind because you don't want to feel those mental stress, which will come after read those particular subject, which you don't like. But, to getting good output you will have to read whole subject properly. 

So, how you will do the thing, which you don't like??

Now, Here you have two way...
1..Spending your time with your addiction, but you will get only temporary pleasure .

2..You have to find reason for studying to get permanent pleasure. Because no pain, no gain, addiction is just a paradox and you have to come out. Your mind is like a car without breaks and it can go anywhere but you need a break to control you car otherwise one day your car will be crashed for forever and you will can't do anything if you want. so You need, break..

In simple way, what us break?

Its reason,  burning desire, goal, target, perseverance. can say anything but you need a break to control your car before crashed. You have to commit yourself that i will do it for this and avoids excuses. You have to inspire yourself.  Because talent, external motivation, goal everything has a limit but that inspiration has no limit which comes from inside the body .

what is inspiration??

Only you have to say..i have to do some thing in my life this is called self inspiration. But you have to maintain this inspiration for whole life otherwise you will definitely walk on wrong track some people walk before success and some people walk after success because after success people don't have any other desire, it means he's life have no porpoise to live.

Suppose, you don't have any inspiration after successful then you thought..i have every thing, now what should i do?? Then your mind walk on wrong track and you will start doing intoxication,  intoxication about drug, comedy, sleep, eating,and the most important is sex.

No-one told you how to distract our mind about sex, because sex is also addiction if we talk about 19's, at that time parent do child marriage, if anybody addict with this intoxication. But what we do in 21'st century,  only physical sexual addict not intoxication but now day there is mental intoxication about sex.. if any child want to do...they will definitely do it.

So what student will do for 21'st century??

Now day, if somebody want's to do that, so parents can't stop them. This sex addiction is very strong intoxication we can't stop this, only we can change the direction, i mean use your power in others work instead of sex, use that strategy on different way. This is the only way to control sex intoxication. You need desire(reason) to use your strategy on that way.

(If you want to Sharpe your mind then you have to work on your body.)

(There is no biggest constructive power then desire.)

(Avoid "if" or "but" only focus on  "work")

(Keep moving forward because students are the future)

I HOPE OUR ARTICLE (Student - How to focus ) HELPED YOU


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Meditation will kill your anger

February 13, 2019

Meditation will kill your anger

People know how much meditation are important for us, But still they don't do it. I've asked, lot's of people's why you don't focus, why!! So 95%  people had same answer, Meditation is boring.

YES, I accept  it's boring but not Meditation, Boring is the way of Meditation, there are lot's of way to do meditation but 100% aren't boring, There is 1 way which is INTERESTING, If you will recognized that way, You will do meditation easily & after asked I've gotten one more very interesting and genuine reason which is, Without any "Do OR DIE" situation people can't understand what they doing.
Meditation benifit

Meditation will kill your anger

Actually, people think, why i do meditation infect they very well known that, Meditation is the key of happiness and peaceful mind but now day's people's mentality is. If i'll do this so i'll be happy, So why i need Meditation, For example, A men think, when i'll have money i'll be happy, but after earning unexpected amount of money the men think, When i'll purchased everything with this money, Then i'll be happy & after purchased all of this he still not happy, He have every thing what he wan't, He chased his dream but still not happy, reason is- He always thinking about feature but Meditation is the only key which help forget future & past and help to live in present because tomorrow will never come.


Step 1- How to sit?
           You can sit in any form, The point is our back is to be straight and neck also, we can do Mediation on chair also, only we've to straight our spine & sit in your comfortable zone, If you aren't comfort so your brain can divert to your pain, Which is comes from your uncomfortable sitting arrangement.

Step 2- Eye position.
          Eyes must be stable on middle, If you will try to look upside, you will feel pain on your forehead & if you will try to look down then you will feel sleepy, So don't move your eye.

Step 3- Breathing
         After sitting arrangement & eye position start long breathing for 10 time, when you will done 10 time of long breathing, Your mind will be relax automatically, your mind will be blank.

Now the game of Meditation start from now, Now first of all understand there are 2 type of voice existent. external or internal, External voice means- The voice which comes from out of body like the voice of musical instrument, The voice of speaking, The voice of factory, Machine, Aeroplane, Truck, Car horn etc, Everyone knows what is external voice but only some body's know about internal voice, let me tell you example of  internal voice like- Heart beat, Breathing and all, So suppose if we listen any type of voice our mind easily recognized who's this voice but in our body there are some voice which we don't know about that voice, and we have try to listen that voice which we don't know while Meditation.

Now how it work?

First of all we have to use Ear bud to stop external voice, Then we have try to listen internal voice, When we trying to listen, We will found voice which is totally about heart beat,  It means our mind still working because mind know's, its come from heart, But we have to still focus to listen unknown voice and After some time we will listen breathing voice but we don't have to stop, when we still focusing we will listen unknown voice then our mind don't know, mind will confused, Mind will come to the center and mind will focus to know about this voice, mind will leave every thing and only focus to recognizing  but mind will can't find who's this voice because there is nothing its a voice of  Anahata (Anahata nada is the name given in yogic philosophy to the cosmic sound or the so-called “white noise” that is present everywhere, without being actively made in a way that can be perceived. ... Sometimes, this sound is also known as the “unmade sound.”)  it's  a very thin voice and we have to constantly focus on this anahata voice.

our mind are too lazy it can easily listen loud voice but mind need to to use too much effort on anahata sound because its extremely thin voice and when our mind can focus, it means mind is in center, zero thought mind, not literally zero thought because nobody can control thought but mind can divert into anahata sound from the thought and this is called mediation.That a biggest challenge to listen this anahata voice because from mind to anahata there is many other sound available so mind have to increase focusing power. This is the only sound which nobody can recognize, everytime we trying to recognizing the anahata but we can't. It means its a new thing for every time, so tell me how any new work or a new thing can be boring.  

BUT, Listning the anahata is not 100% of meditation the main this is, still focused and when we jump upto anahata. then we will listen a special sound which don't have any sound, in simple way you will listen the sound of silence which is called AUM (Assets under management). in direct way AUM is the shadow of god, muslims says AAMEEN, AAMEEN comes from AUM, hundu's says OM, OM comes from AUM, Same logic applies on every cast, every gods name comes from AUM. (sound of silence). this is the highest level of prayer. Prayer means not asking peace from god because at prayer time our 80% mind aren't present on prayer but during Meditating we have to use 100% mind and we feel relax, peaceful mid, and this is what, it's a preyar which called Meditating.

Negative point of meditation
- Suppose you are  good, player of Meditating you always trying to jump thinner voice but always remember if you will face any type of stoppage, then no need to try go more deep in Meditating because it has no limitation and meditation will make you 100% anger less which is not good for your business, job, and any work where anger is very impotent, because too much   meditation can make you mental, mental about happiness, peace of mind etc.even you will never tell lie.

,.............Meditation will kill your anger...........

Thursday, January 31, 2019


January 31, 2019




live for present 

People think they, i can't live with happiness for all the time whenever they can't become successful. But you should be happy, doesn't matter in which life stage you stand. 

Now, i m gonna tell you how to stay happy in present

People think, when they will do this then they will become something what they want. But it take time so they dont feel happy. As people think  happiness means success, I am requesting  people who have such thought and also not sure about particular AM what they want, you can't say 100% that you will be happy so why we wait for that moment which is not sure, yess the goal will be achievable but we can't say anything  about happiness. 

Suppose you will achieve your goal then you will be disparate to loss ....for example...your dream is to purchase car then will be happy but after purchased, you will feel desperate to loose the you was think to happy but you can't because of desperate or anxiety.
So question  is how we stay happy for present ???


It means people think that they have lots of time to be happy in future, that's a reason why everyone postpone there happiness for future. For example... A rich peoples don't know the value of money but slum people very-well known that what is money, whats the importance of money, how to use a single rupee because slum people only having a limited money, same logic if we will applies on our life then we will be happy. 

For example- husband and wife are soo closed to each other's but after some time they go so far because they know that they are born for each other but if husband knows his wife only have a few day and then she will be die then husband  live every single second with her because he know the value of his wife's life..

So we have to learn the value of our life to feel happy for present don't think that i have a lots of year to feel good always try to understand the value of every single second.

But if you are so happy in present without any achievement then people say too much things for you but Don't thinks what will people say because सबसे बड़ा रोग क्या कहेंगे लोग, so start fighting with this रोग. 

If people can't do anything for you so they don't have authority to say any things to you so ignore them.

So guys don't thinks about the past just live for present because tomorrow  never comes...always thinks you only have one day go and use this one day for happiness. When you think you only have one day then you will  easily forget the past and you can start live for present. We have to thankful to entire universe that we have a one day to live with happiness. 

But lots of people get afraid with end of life..please  stop getting afraid with death because  its a reality so enjoy before end of life, its a reality not fake, so we have to accept we cant do anything, now what is fake.. fake mean what people says....people go to hell because no one can control your happiness except you.

We giving too much priority to man made things but man made things comes easily..suppose you have a car and you are soo happy with this car but after some time when car will be expired then what will you do...but there  is another way which is  we can purchase again new car but thinks about life, its not a man made, we can't purchase life after die so why we can't enjoy this life why we can't enjoy this present moment??? guys don't give too much priority to man made things focus on natural things.....this is the only key which will help to live for present. 

Money is only for comfortable life not for accumulation. Not for satisfied your ego. Because dreams, illusions, goal,desire all are only imaginations but death are reality not imagination. Death is the world biggest reality,
For example-people think we will be happy when we will be be successful, it means  when we will be more then 20's but have you ever thing about your childhood, your past was death...your childhood never comes it means you missed your childhood moment so don't things for futures happiness..tomorrow never comes. 

--Don't live like a artificial flower ,live like a real flower......

--If you will postpone your death, then your happiness will automatically postpone ......

--Don't be afraid of afraid of an Unfulfilled life......

...........happy ........

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

how to focus on goal

January 30, 2019

How to focus on goal

How-To-focus-on-goal, FOCUS-ON-GOAL


Everyone having a goal in there life. So, you will have to focus on your goal for a log time but lots of people's can't focus they have too much reason, so question is how to focus till success??

Now, very simple thing is, till you get results, you will stand, without  result you can fall down. If we winning  the game then we can do more focus, doesn't matter how much you focus, small progress is better then no progress. 

If your goal is nothing, without effort. It means you won't be consistent on track so you need to set your goal which don't need any efforts. 

For example, suppose virat kohli want to become a huge bodybuilder then he will have to push his body a lot but he will never become bodybuilder  because virat kohli spending too much effort in gym and he will not getting enough results and end of the day he can't focus on his goal, he feel lazy, tired but other side if virat kohli want to play cricket then no one can beat him because  virat kohli no need to use effort  because virat doing work on that thing which he love a more and he will never tired with cricket. 

Same logic applies on real life, you guy's can do anything for money not for your happiness, & its not a success, success  means not only money. To know what is success click hear.

So don't do anything for money, you have to do whatever you want, you have to follow yours hope, passion and never thing only doctor, engineer, entrepreneur are only successful, in 21st century there is infinite field of success. doesn't matter he is photographer or any sports  man everybody can be successful but if you want because whatever you want, one day you will be......

So ask your self before deciding the goal, is your interest  to do that things which will help to achieve your goal, if yes so go for it but if you afraid to do hard work in gym then you will never become bodybuilder. So never think to drive a car..just focus how to drive a car.

There are 2 way to live a life 1..foolish way2..intelligent way 

So always pick 2nd way which is intelligent way it mean do whatever you want don't go for that type of work where you will have to do more efforts. The highest level of human existence is to do whatever you passionate about. Never go for money, money cant purchase happiness.

...........How to focus on goal..........